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Jureesa McBride is a Blueswoman known in the music industry as The Duchess Jureesa.  Born February 20, 1982, in Port Gibson, Mississippi, she is a small-town country girl with big dreams, determination, and profound talent. She presently lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi. She grew up with a father who was a welder, a mother who was a teacher, and two siblings in the household.


She graduated with a Bachelor's in Music Business from Fall Sail University and recently received a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Delta State University. The Duchess is a published author, singer, songwriter, entertainer, and radio personality, as well as, an awesome mother of two daughters.

The Duchess Jureesa has always been inspired by music as long as she can remember. The art of music always played a significant impact on her life.

She grew up listening mainly to Blues, RnB, Gospel, and Soul music in her home and always the eight-track and cassettes, while her dad fumbled around under the hood of his old Chevy Impala and sang in the church choir.


The sound of Elmo James, Koko Taylor, Denise LaSalle, Benny Latimore, Bobby Rush, Bobby Blue Bland, and Dorothy Moore were some of her favorites to listen to. She always wanted to have that deep sound of Koko Taylor.

So, around the age of 9 years old, she started writing poetry and soon made the connection to songwriting, her first song was penned as a song for her pet dog Spikey. In her early teens, she participated in a cultural center called Mississippi Cultural Crossroads known for summer art and plays. She participated in art and acting with Peanut Butter Jelly Theater( a children's theatrical company) performing throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, and

Tennessee. These adventures and opportunities allowed her at a young age throughout high school, to sing, draw, write, and perform while promoting reading among young disadvantaged youth.


In 2011, The Duchess Jureesa took on a four-week Face the Music Tournament sponsored by V- World Entertainment in Jackson, MS. She was the winner of the Music Tournament. In 2012, she recorded her first 2 singles entitled, Let Me Be Your Super Mistress which caused quite a stir in the UK., and Put Your Cookies in My Milk which was nominated by the JUS Blues Foundation in Atlanta, GA for Best New Artist of the Year. In the same year, The Duchess Jureesa and her Manager established her indie record label J.S.S. Records, releasing numerous singles. She is affiliated with BMI as a writer and publisher.

In 2013 she released her first Ep entitled, I’m A Woman First, (Tales of The Duchess).

In 2015 a second Ep entitled Personal Love Vendetta and in between, there were many more singles released. In 2016, The Duchess was selected and invited by The Music Specialist of Atlanta, GA, CM3 Media in Los Angeles, CA, And Artist Launch to attend the 50th Anniversary of MIDEM to perform the blues at the legendary Cotton Club in Cannes, France. She was also involved in establishing a new genre of music at Midem called Global Soul. In the 2021 Compilation Album entitled, The Soul of a Southern Girl, she gives a soul performance with some of her fan's favorites. 


The Duchess Jureesa has performed on many shows in the past but has moved on to her true calling writing and singing the Blues, She. has been honored to share the stage with the likes of Mr. Benny Latimore, Mr. Sipp( MS Blues Child), Trudy Lynn, Dennis Fountain, the late Ms. Carol Fran (the Swamp Queen), Major Handy and many other artists. She has performed from Mississippi throughout Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Cannes, France, Carnival Cruise for a travel agency, and several parties and small festivals.

It is said, that The Duchess Jureesa is a lady that is proud to be called ROYALTY. She is a prolific writer, she showcases her phenomenal talent on and off the stage.


The Duchess Jureesa featuring The Dukes shows up and shows out, commanding the stage and her audience to have a good time. This young Blueswoman comes with a voice that is mesmerizing, powerful, bluesy, versatile, and soulful. Her stage presence is captivating and energetic. Her repertoire brings real-life stories alive through the BLUES. If you are left with any doubt or want a taste of Blues, then you must please yourself with a copy of her first Contemporary Blues album, My Time To Shine, recently released featuring Grammy guitarist and producer, Paul Nelson. Listen to her music, view her website for live performances and read the great reviews that have been

stirred up from the USA and Internationally. Thank you for reading and visiting her website.


“You Tell ‘em The Duchess is Coming and the Blues is Coming With Me”


The Duchess Jureesa McBride

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